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    show differences between 2 databases?



      show differences between 2 databases?


      Hi, my situation is as follows:


      Every month I'll be getting a new spreadsheet from all of my clients. The spreadsheets are simple lists of their customers by customer number. I need to compare the for example "March customers" spreadsheet to "April customers" spreadsheet and quickly pull out the differences so I know how many more or less customers to bill for. Hopefully this makes sense. 


      I'm importing these spreadsheets to FMP databases. 



      Thanks for any suggestions. 



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          You could set up a summary report that groups your customer data by month. You can set up your layout so that each Month's data starts a new page. Then you could print out the most recent two months of data and place the pages side by side.


          You might also set up two large filtered portals where each portal filters your data by a different month.


          You can also open two windows and display the current month's data in one window and the previous month's data in a second window so that you can place them side by side on your screen.