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Show Field From Another Table

Question asked by KAmsinger on Aug 4, 2011
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Show Field From Another Table


So I have this group folder system setup where it is housed on 1 table, but then the group name selected is shown in a text field on another table. I have noticed that because it has to pull this group name selected from another table it is slowing down my database. Is there anyway I can set it up in the script or through relationship tables that once a group is selected for a unique Record ID that it pastes the name of the group in a separate and new text field that is on the same table as the record so it no longer has to pull from the other table which group it's in? 

So if I am in my table called PERSON and I select a group folder that is in a portal but is housed in another table called GROUP, I want to take the group name selected that is now showing in my portal and paste that name into a new text field in the PERSON table. So it no longer has to register the group name selected for a person when it loads a record. Therefore speeding up the processing time for a record to load.