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    Show Info from one Layout to another



      Show Info from one Layout to another


      Hi, Let say I have two layouts. in one called (List) I have multiple records. One of the field "Status" in record has a value list of "To order - Ordered - Processed". Now in the second Layour called (Home) I would like to have one field that is in the background of the complete layout with a conditional formatting that would change the field to yellow when one or more of the records in (List) has the to order selected.

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          We need to know more.

          A bit about FileMaker data storage and how layouts function: 

          Data in FileMaker is not stored in "layouts" they are stored in tables. Each layout is then set up to refer to a table by selecting a table occurrrence name in the "show Records from" drop down located in Layout Setup... A "table occurrnence" is what we call the "boxes" found in Manage | Database | Relationships. Unless you have made changes to what is found here, each table on the tables tab has a matching table occurrence box and a layout with the same name. The layout will refer to the matching table occurrence in show records from and thus to a table.

          The thing is, this can be changed, you can add and remove occurrence boxes, you can duplicate them and give them different names so you can set up more and different relationships.

          So we need to know if the two layouts refer to the same table or different tables. If different tables, how are they linked in a relationship? (If they are not linked, what you want to do here cannot be set up.)