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Show layout during execution of script

Question asked by BatMan on May 12, 2010
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Show layout during execution of script


Hello everybody. I'm executing a native AppleScript from within FM Pro 11 Advanced. That script is supposed to change the view to a certain layout, do some field manipulations there, and then switch back to the initial layout. The default behaviour seems to be that the intermediate layout is not actually drawn, i.e. the view gets refreshed only after the full script is finished. While this is the desired behaviour in most cases, it isn't in my particular case here. I would like to actually SEE the intermediate layout where the (quite time-consuming) data manipulation is done, to have some progress feedback. How can that be done in a native script? Is there a specific AppleScript / FM script command that forces FM to actually render the layout it is currently working in? Neither "show layout" nor "go to layout" seem to do that...


Thank you for your help!