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Show limited choices in a pop up field

Question asked by LoyleneRuppert on Sep 16, 2013
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Show limited choices in a pop up field


     I have a table that lists both clinical staff and physicians.  For the physicians, I have defined a radio button that is chosen to indicate they are physicians.  I have defined a field that combines (using calculation) the first, middle, last and suffix for each name - both clinical and physicians.  In some of my main form I need to pop up a list of just physicians.  In other I just need clinical names.  I have tried all sorts of stuff and still just get the master list on the pop up.  I'm sure there is a trick to this, but I certainly can't figure it out.  Can someone please help?  Here is what the calculation is for the name field that is populating the value list of names from the table:

     Trim (nameFirst & " " & nameMiddle & " " & nameLast & ", " & nameSuffix)

     I am new to FM and, even with 2 days of work on this I can't figure it out.  I've written a million scripts to no avail.  Please help!!!