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Show List of Found Records in Adjacent Portal

Question asked by Steve_2 on Oct 3, 2014
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Show List of Found Records in Adjacent Portal


I'm trying to create a Search Panel layout, so that the user can specify any number or combination of items on the left side and, upon clicking Find, see a list of ALL the found records (recipes in this case) in the Portal on the right side. (The user can then select one of the found recipes in the Portal and go to an appropriate layout.) My problem is that when the search is performed, although say, 4 recipes are found, only 1 of them shows in the portal (but the count for 4 recipes shows, and oddly the buttons for a 2nd recipe appear). To make the Portal, I created a self-joining relationship with the "Recipes" table, using the unique "Recipe ID" number as the match field. I've attached a screenshot of the very rough undesigned Search Panel. (Note that the specifics shown on the left are of course for the first recipe in the 4 found ones.) Since I'm pretty much a novice at this stuff, please be patient in helping me understand the solution.