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    Show look up name on report



      Show look up name on report


      I have created a portal which contains a looked up field. How do I generate a report that summarises these values ?

      The portal - I want to summarise by resource name. This is a looked up value resource_id. When I put resource id on the report layout I get 11 (i.e the id rather than the name).

      see the following screenshots:-




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          Can't fully decipher the relationships involved here. I can see that the second layout is based on Job_details, but don't know on which table occurrence the first layout is based nor what other table occurrences exist nor how they are related.

          In general, if you have this relationship:

          ReportLayout'sTableOccurrence::Resource_id = Resources::Resource_ID

          Then you can display the resource name by putting the Resource Name field from Resources on your Report Layout. You can also refer to Resources::ResourceName as the "sorted by" field in a sub sumary part and can sort your found set of records by this same field.

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            I now have the correct label. However only the first line of the portal appears on the report. How do I get the remaining line ? Thanks


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              On what table occurrence is your portal based?

              On what table occurence is your report layout based?

              If the report layout is based on the same table as the portal is, each portal line is a separate record and thus a separate row in the report.

              The invoices starter solution uses this approach to print an invoice listing all the entries from an invoice's portal of LineItems.

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                Thanks !!!