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Question asked by Imre... on Sep 5, 2013
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     I have two tables, one shows PID (client_id) and activitiy_date, the other holds only PID's.

     I'd like to show on the layout of the latter (only PID's) the MOST RECENT activity from the first table.


     I figure it has to be done via a portal and either a filter or a sort.


     It won't work for me, or I cannot get it done. 

     Please help?


     Table one: "Deliveries" 

     PID: 1 , date 01-01-2011

     PID 1,  date 01-01-2013

     PID 2,  date 01-01-2013


     Table two: "PID"

     PID: 1



     In the layout "PID" I'd like to see the most recent date of layout "Delivries"


     How do I do this?