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show number field blank

Question asked by kluetkenhoelter on Oct 7, 2012
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show number field blank


     I have a situation where users add projects almost on a daily bases to our data base.  As the year goes on, we fill in the actual expenses for their projects.  If they add a new project, I want the prior months of actual expenses to default to zero, but would like the future months to be blank.

     I have set up the (month of the fields) as calculation fields that compare the (month of the field) to the (month of the actual date) that is stored in the data base.  If the (month of the field) is less than or equal to the (month of the actual date), then I fill the (month of the field) with zero, but if the (month of the field) is greater than the (month of the actual date), I would like to leave the (month of the field) blank.

     I found a function texttonum that appears to have been used in early versions (ie 3.0) that could have helped, but I can't seem to find anything that will help that is valid now.

     Does anyone have any suggestions?