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Show one record for each unique customer name

Question asked by raouls on Mar 12, 2009
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Show one record for each unique customer name


We have a data base where each record represents a roll of fabric that was ordered.


What I am trying to do is to do a search where my results show one customer name (one of their orders) for a given query. This is in an effort to make a list of all of the customers that have purchased products from us in a given year. 


For example, if I want to search for a showroom in one field, and a date range for another field, do I put something in the customer field (i.e. operator "!" or something similar), then show omitted? This obviously doesn't get me what I wanted but in this case, I would hope that my results would come back with one record from each unique customer for a given date range. Is there a way to get a more targeted search for that customer field? 


I just wanted to give you all an idea of what I am trying to get. Thanks!