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    Show only category



      Show only category


      Hi friends

      I have pricelists for diferent costumers, and some products are exclusive for each costumer of them.

      When I generate their pricelist I'd like to show only the products of each of them.

      I created a category field to determine the name of the pricelist.

      Do you guys know how I can hide, or show only the records for each of this category?



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          There are a number of ways. The best option depends on the design requirements of your layout.

          The simplest is to perform a find for the specified category and then present the products in a list or table view. You can select the category in a global field formatted with your list of categories, then a script can use that selected value to find all product records of that category.

          A portal can also filter to show only related records of a specified category. (And this can be done at the relationship level for older versions of FileMaker.)

          A conditional value list can be set that only lists product IDs for a category specified in another field.