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Show only certain records on a form

Question asked by simonmcp on Apr 12, 2011
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Show only certain records on a form


Hi All,

I am returning to Filemaker Pro 11 after about ten years away from Filemaker. I am trying to do a foolproof couple of forms for two users of a Membership Database to enable them to use the same database but only see certain parts of the database.

I have managed to get a map of each member displayed next to each member.

I want to have one layout display everything (no problem with that layout) and the other to show just the people who have not been assigned a Local Group (one of the fileds).

I have tried to write a script but it displays the following error message:

"The provided criteria is not valis. Enter a valid request before proceeding."

With the following three buttons below

Modify Find      Contimue     Cancel

If I click on Modify Find button it just goes to find mode and displays nothing.

The script is;

Enter Find Mode[Pause]

Set Field[GRS Latest Converted::Local Group[GRS latest Converted::Local Group (not equal sign) "*"

Perform Find[]