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Show only check marked record in portal?

Question asked by TOMVREKALIC on Nov 5, 2013
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Show only check marked record in portal?


     Hey all
     Giving Filemaker a go here and have a newb question on something I can't seem to wrap my brain around.

     I have a table called "Employees" and a table called "Phones".  Phones has two fields inside named IMEI and one called IsActive (for the checkbox)

     Now, I'm trying to get a portal in Employees for Phones::IMEI to show only those marked Inactive (no checkmark).
     Relationships are in place with id's and fk's and everything works throughout the db - except this.

     I'm sure there's a calculation for this no?
     I've read many..many..many other posts sort of resembling this and tried them all but no luck.

     Your help is appreciated.