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    Show Only Records that Match records in other table.



      Show Only Records that Match records in other table.


           Essentially what I want to do is this: 

           If I have two tables: Table A with actual expenses and Table B with possible predetermined expenses I would like to have a layout that will show only the records from Table A that have descriptions matching the records in Table B. If I need to do this with a find, fine - I just need to be able to have sub summaries so a portal won't work. For instance


           Table A: Actual Expenses          Table B; Preplanned Expenses

           ABC                                            ABC

           DEF                                            DEF

           GHI                                             GHI





           How can I make a layout based on Table A that will only show the records labeled ABC, DEF, or GHI?

           It seems like it should be a very simple thing to do but I'm perplexed. Currently the only thing I can get to work is making a script with multiple predetermined requests for ABC, DEF, and GHI - but that's not terribly great because if anything in table B ever changes then the script must be altered. One would think you could do it somehow with relationships or a field that lists the contents of all the possible values, or possibly a value list - but that only seems to work with portals, which will not work in this instance.

           Suggestions kindly appreciated.