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    Show or Hide a Field



      Show or Hide a Field



           On My Layout I have a field formatted as a radio button set which I would like to make visible only when the Menu Icon button is clicked.

           I have tried following a Fileakerpro file regarding Layoutobjectvisibility but did not understand which script to write. Could you please help?



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               If you are using Filemaker 13, there's a new option in the Inspector for hiding a layout object conditionally.

               If you are not using 13, is this field inside a portal row? (If it is, you won't be able to hide the field with the methods demo'd in, what I think, was my demo file on layout object visibility.)

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                 Unfortunately I havent made the switch to FM Pro 13 yet. I am using FM Pro 12.  My field is not within a portal.

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                   Then there are two options that both hide the field and make it inaccessible even if the user accidentally clicks the space occupied by the hidden field:

                   An invisible tab control -- requires a script and script triggers

                   A one row portal -- requires an added relationship but does not need scripting

                   Which would you like to try and set up in your file? (I prefer not to spell out the details for both.)

                   But before you decide that, what else happens when a user clicks that Menu button? (That could affect how we set this up or even suggest an alternative method.)

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                     I finally managed to hide the objects using tab controls and layoutobjectnames. Clicking on the first button triggers the tab  navigation which will make the other field visible. 

                     Many Thanks. 


                     First button will go to object B when clicked

                     2nd button will perform this script:

                     - Allow user Abort (off)

                     - Go To Layout ()

                     The field is set with a scripttrigger On Object Modify. 

                     My issue now is that the field that appears is a pop-up menu but I don't want to have to clcik on the field first to make the pop-up menu appear and then when selecting one of the values user is directed to a layout. 

                     What step do i need to add to skip havin to click on the field to make the pop-up menu appear automatically?

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                       I'd change the field format from pop up menu to drop down list. Then Go to Field is all that is needed to deploy the value list. (But don't select the arrow option as that will prevent this from working.)