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Show page layout on selection of drop down?

Question asked by Stuee on Aug 19, 2012
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Show page layout on selection of drop down?



I have 3 separate products with lots of options that i would like to setup on FM if anyone could assist how to.


What i want is a page with customer details, job number and 3 columns with a drop down at the top of each with option1, option2, and option3 as the selectable.

I click the new order button and the customer inputs thier details on the top of the page.

I then click column 1 and select the option 2 and all the options for option 2 show below which are mainly tick boxes and a space at the bottom for text comments.

If the customer wants something else i goto column 2 and use that otherwise i click order and its then saved that order and i can print off a job card.


Does this make sense and any extra info how to achieve this instead of just saying do it this way would be appreciated as im a novice.

one more thing, if i purchased a signiture pad is there a way i could incorporate this into FM?