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    Show price when all fields are in correct order?



      Show price when all fields are in correct order?



      Jut some info first, im using FM pro 10 and Vista. Im also learning as i go along with FM.


      Im trying to create a system for my friend who owns a car wreckers. what my idea is and ive done but not getting what i need is....


      I have a parts list with the following fields.


      Parts Layout

      Manufacture dropdown

      Make - dropdown

      Model - dropdown

      Colour - dropdown

      Year - Dropdown

      Part Name - dropdown


      Sell price

      Order Layout

      Manufacture.pk - relationship to parts manufacture

      Make - linked to parts

      Model -linked to parts

      Colour - linked to parts

      Year - linked to parts

      Part name - linked to parts


      Sell price - linked to parts



      What i want is when you input all the relevant info on the parts layout, then you goto the order page and create a order if you select the correct criteria the price for that combination will show up. but its not,. I have the links and .pk all on dropdown which is working fine but shows the first part price only and it wont change when you change the combination.


      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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          In Manage | Database | Relationships, do you have this relationship?


          Parts::Manufacture = Order::Manufacture.pk


          What kind of fields are Parts::Manufacture and Order::Manufacture.pk?


          Are either auto-entered serial number fields?


          pk is a naming convention for "Primary Key". A primary key is a field that stores a value that uniquely identifies that one record. In filemaker, this is almost always done by defining it to auto-enter a serial number. Is that what you've done here?

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            Hi Phil.


            thanks for the reply.

            The ralationships seem the same as you mention.

            Also on all my layouts i have a autoserial field ie "PartID"


            I used the manufacturer.pk relationshiped to the manufacture on parts layout.


            If its not too much work could you do a example for me to look at and learn?

            Like one layout for inputting ie

            Layout 1 - price / parts inputs

            Field 1 - numbers

            Field 2 - letters

            Field 3 - double letters

            Field 4 - image box

            Field 5 - price


            Layout 2

            Field 1 - numbers - show layout 1 info

            Field 2 - letters- show layout 1 info

            Field 3 - double letters- show layout 1 info

            Field 4 - image box- show from relevant record from 1,2,3

            Field 5 - price- show if all field 1,2,3 are in same sequence as detailed layout 1.


            Hopefully this makes sence.



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              You might want to check out the invoicing template in the filemaker starter solutions for ideas. Comment has posted a link to a demo file he created that you can also take a look at for ideas: http://fmforums.com/forum/showpost.php?post/309136/

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                I did look at that link thanks but its not quite what i want,


                Ive been playing and have got a bit further, when i put in parts and prices thats all good, when i goto the order page and choose the first manufacturer drop down all the other fields auto fill in which i dont want, also if in that auto filled in fields is colour and i want the red and not blue thats come up by default, then i change but the price doesnt change neither does the picture.


                Ive attached the sample of what ive done if anyone can have a look and see what im doing wrong.


                Thanks again,


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                  I don't see a link to any sample in your last post.


                  Apologies in advance if I am misunderstanding, but it sounds like you are linking parts by manufacture ID. If so, that's your key problem. Since many parts are typically supplied by the same manufacturer, you are linking to many part records instead of just the desired part. Using a unique identifier for each part and using that identifier in your relationship between the line items and parts tables solves that issue.