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Show price when all fields are in correct order?

Question asked by Stuee on Jun 7, 2010
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Show price when all fields are in correct order?



Jut some info first, im using FM pro 10 and Vista. Im also learning as i go along with FM.


Im trying to create a system for my friend who owns a car wreckers. what my idea is and ive done but not getting what i need is....


I have a parts list with the following fields.


Parts Layout

Manufacture dropdown

Make - dropdown

Model - dropdown

Colour - dropdown

Year - Dropdown

Part Name - dropdown


Sell price

Order Layout - relationship to parts manufacture

Make - linked to parts

Model -linked to parts

Colour - linked to parts

Year - linked to parts

Part name - linked to parts


Sell price - linked to parts



What i want is when you input all the relevant info on the parts layout, then you goto the order page and create a order if you select the correct criteria the price for that combination will show up. but its not,. I have the links and .pk all on dropdown which is working fine but shows the first part price only and it wont change when you change the combination.


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks