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    Show reassuring message while calculating



      Show reassuring message while calculating


      I have a calculation that takes some time to execute, especially when the internal network connection is slow (say 10 seconds). During this time, the user is wondering what is happening. I would like to reassure the user that something is in fact happening, by flashing up a little message, like a dialog box. The message could say "Calculating..." or similar. I do not want to delay the process, and I do not want to require any input from the user. I would like the message to disappear once the calculation is completed.

      Can anyone suggest how to achieve this?

      I am using FileMaker 12 Advanced.


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          You could use New Window to open a floating document window that uses a web viewer to display an animated gif plus your layout text. But you'll have to figure out when to close this window to show that the process is done. IF this is a script, that might make closing the window the last script step. It all depends one what in your database can be used to determine that the calculation is complete.