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      Show Record group


      Dear all

      I have a table for clients, contains all details, personal, social,,, oK one the fields in that table is PRESENTING DATE.


      I made anothe table for follow up of those clients, I made one field in that table named FOLLOW UP DATE, that is linked to the presentind date in table 1. The two tables are related with Contact ID.

      Well, When I made a button in table 1, it opens related record in table 2 and follow up date is entered automatically as it was designed to do so. By that way, I could see the records of that episode. When I get another episode, for the same person, I change the Presenting date... that is the catch. When I press the button to show follow up records, it shows all episodes, Is there a way to see records of the fresh or last episode, I mean the records of the last follow up date only.

      By the way I had to use the field as a date, because it calculates something in every visit 


      I hope I was clear 


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          One very simple technique that get's you close is to simply sort your records by date in descending order. That will locate the most recent dates at the beginning of your found set of records. If you then want to see only those records with that data, you could perform a find.


          Here's a script:


          #Prior to this step use Go To Related Record or a Find to find all records for a given client

          Sort[no dialog, restore] //specify the date field and descending order

          Go To Record [first]

          Set variable[$clientID; value: FollowUptable::ClientID]

          Set Variable[$Date; value: FollowUptable::FollowUpdate]

          enter find mode[]

          set field [FollowUpTable::ClientID ; $clientID]

          Set Field [FollowUptable::FollowUpDate; $Date]

          Perform Find[]