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Question asked by glotfi on Jan 15, 2010
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Dear all

I have a table for clients, contains all details, personal, social,,, oK one the fields in that table is PRESENTING DATE.


I made anothe table for follow up of those clients, I made one field in that table named FOLLOW UP DATE, that is linked to the presentind date in table 1. The two tables are related with Contact ID.

Well, When I made a button in table 1, it opens related record in table 2 and follow up date is entered automatically as it was designed to do so. By that way, I could see the records of that episode. When I get another episode, for the same person, I change the Presenting date... that is the catch. When I press the button to show follow up records, it shows all episodes, Is there a way to see records of the fresh or last episode, I mean the records of the last follow up date only.

By the way I had to use the field as a date, because it calculates something in every visit 


I hope I was clear