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    Show records created by current user



      Show records created by current user


           Hello all!  

           I am building a database for the purpose of logging cases.  I'm looking to create a "My Cases" type of section, where it auto-filters to show only the records (cases) opened by the current user.  

           I already tried:  Omit Multiple Records [No dialog; Case Storage::Logged By ≠ Get (AccountName)]        This didn't work.  
           Perform Quick Find [Case Storage::Logged By = Get (AccountName)]      This also didn't work.  

           Logged By is an indexed field, and it is set up to auto-enter the account name of the user who created the record.  


           There is also a "Case Search" form that allows the user to see all cases, regardless of who opened them. 


           Does anyone have any ideas?