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    show related field



      show related field


           For some reason I can't get this work.

           I have 3 tables: Factory, Basic Garment and Technical sheet


           In my Factory table I have two fields Factory::Country & Factory::Name which is the country of origin name of factory.

           In basic garment I chose from a drop down list the name of the factory that is going to make this garment.

           in Technical sheet, I from a drop down list, chooses my basic garment name, and automatically it shows the assigned factory, but how do I also have it to show that factory's place of origin...?




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               Just add the Country field from Factory to your layout. When you select the basic garment, this field will update to show the Factory's country.

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                 that's also what I thought. But when I place Factory::Country onto my Technical sheet 2 layout, it just shows up empty. Have double checked it's the right field, and they're all filled out...

                 It seems quick basic and only so many places it can go wrong..? Pls see a screen grab of my layout...

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                   Your tables are not linked by Garment Name, and the ::Garment Name field should not be placed on this layout. You need to set up the xbasic_garmentid_fk field with a value list that enters the ID number from Basic Garment::ID.

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                     No sure what you mean by ::Garment Name field shouldn't be placed on the Technical sheet 2 layout?

                     The ::Garment name field is a drop down menu where I choose the garment record I've created in Basic garment. The value list uses value first from Basic Garment::Id and also displays values from Basic Garment::Garment name

                     Do you mean that i need to make a new field technical sheet 2::garment name and ad the value list to that..?

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                       The Basic Garment::Garment Name field should not be place on your layout and formatted as a drop down list. Using this drop down list will modify data in the related basic garment table instead of your technical sheet 2 table.

                       You need to set up the the xbasic_garmentid_fk field with this value list.

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                         Not quite sure why this is so hard for me to understand..! I made a new field for the drop down list - which are in my technical sheet table, and changed the value list. The drop down now only shows 1 record from basic garment even though there's more.

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                           Sorry wrong screen grab.

                           Have changed the field with the drop down menu to xbasic_garmentid_fk and attached the valuelist showing values from Basic Garment::Garment Name, but it still dosen't show any information into Basic Garment::Season, Basic Garment::Factory, Basic Garment::Style no or Factory::country

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                             This is Btw my relationships if anyone can help me with this

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                               You seem to be mixing up the needed set up details for your value list in manage | Value lists with the details needed on your layout.

                               Your last 3 screen shots show the correct options for the layout, but not for the value list. The value list should specify values from Basic Garment, not Technical Sheet 2. But this is not what I see in the first of the 3 last screen shots that you have uploaded.

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                                 This is how my value list is set up at the moment, and all the things are changing except from Factory::Country, it just stays blank.

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                                   Then it would appear that your next task is to examine the relationship between Basic Garment and Factory. Check to see if the match field values are correct and that the fields are the same data type.

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                                     checked my match fields they're both number fields and the Factory_ID has an auto enter serial.

                                     I realised that I had made the same mistake with my value lists for choosing 'season' and 'factory' on my basic garments layout. so I changed them around see attached. 

                                     Now all info shows up on my technical sheet 2 layout but none of the info are matching. Only Basic Garment::Style no. matches what's been specified in the Basic Garment table. Don't know if my Value lists are still not set up correct?

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                                       From what I see in your relationships, what you select for Factory in the Basic Garment record will not have any affect on what you see on the Technical sheet 2 layout except that it will control what Factory name appears in the Factory::Factory field--a field that shows on your layout but is mysteriously absent from your screen shot of your relationships.

                                       The other data is controlled by the value list and relationship set up for linking a technical sheet 2 record to a basic garment record.

                                       Basic Garament::Factory, BTW, looks like a redundant field that should be removed as you should have that field in the Factory table and not in Basic Garment.

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                                         I got It working now - Thabnk you so much again for your help and patience.