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Show Related Record Totals in Portal

Question asked by ZakButcher on Jul 8, 2014
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Show Related Record Totals in Portal


     This may be a slightly complicated topic, however I will include pictures and do my best to explain what I am trying to do.

     I have a database that tracks bid results across the US.  On one layout I have a portal that I want to display the states that a company won bids in as well as the total bids from that state and the total amount those bids were worth.  The portal is accurately pulling the states in which the company made bids however I am only able to get the total bids across all states or the total bids for each state across all companies.  These two scenarios are shown in the pictures.  Also I didn't change the field that gathered the total bid amounts because it is behaving identical to the total number of bids field.  If someone can help me fix one then I can fix the other.

     I have included a picture of the database structure as well as the portal results I am getting.  If I didn't explain something clearly or if I need to explain something please let me know.

     NOTE:  The blue box highlights the table on which the portal is located and the red box highlights the table which the portal takes information from.