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show repetitions

Question asked by MortenReitoft on Apr 17, 2010
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show repetitions


Dear FM Users.


I am working on FileMaker Pro 11 on a Mac.


I am creating a database that are going to help my company sending inquiries on print jobs to various printing houses. Very often customers ask for i.e. a magazine with cover + content. Sometimes a customer ask for different versions in relation to number of pages in content.. i.e. 4 page cover + 24 page content, 4 page cover + 32 page content etc.


I thought that using a field repetion on "No. of pages Content" would give me a possibility to make more inquiries in one layout, since all other data is the same. (and of course I can do that!)


However - When I in Layout Mode select 'Show Repetitions' I can only set a selection from n to n - what I would really like is an option to set the number of displayed repetitions as a variable, so I can show only the number of versions that the client ask for..


Do any have a suggestion on how to solve this?


Thank you in advance,


Morten Reitoft - DK