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    show repetitions



      show repetitions


      Dear FM Users.


      I am working on FileMaker Pro 11 on a Mac.


      I am creating a database that are going to help my company sending inquiries on print jobs to various printing houses. Very often customers ask for i.e. a magazine with cover + content. Sometimes a customer ask for different versions in relation to number of pages in content.. i.e. 4 page cover + 24 page content, 4 page cover + 32 page content etc.


      I thought that using a field repetion on "No. of pages Content" would give me a possibility to make more inquiries in one layout, since all other data is the same. (and of course I can do that!)


      However - When I in Layout Mode select 'Show Repetitions' I can only set a selection from n to n - what I would really like is an option to set the number of displayed repetitions as a variable, so I can show only the number of versions that the client ask for..


      Do any have a suggestion on how to solve this?


      Thank you in advance,


      Morten Reitoft - DK

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          I am sorry, I don't understand.  Are you saying that you have a repetition field (example 5 reps) and that there will only be data in rep 2 and 5 and you want to display only those results?  Create calculation text with: List ( rep )  which will give you multiline result of that repetition field.  Or if you want them as comma separated, use Substitute ( List ( rep ) ; ¶ ; ", " )


          But why put them in repetitions instead of single field to begin with?  Can you explain a bit more for us?


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            Thank you... and I am sorry that I didn't explain myself good enough :-)




            If I have a description of a brochure - I have created a table to hold all the specifications of a print job. In my old database I created a record for each variatons (i.e. number of pages in content).


            In my new database I thought it would be smarter to have one record that hold all my page variations, so it will be easier to present to both customers and printing houses.


            So for my Repeating Field "Pages content" I created 5 repetitions - first field will ALWAYS have a value or left blank - but I also have a field "Page variations" - i.e. "4" and what I wanted to achieve was the layout automatically to change according to the number of repetitions shown according to the number of page variations.. 


            I have also been wondering to make a hiden layout and then just use a portal to present this, however I can't see that it makes things easier...?




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              "was the layout automatically to change according to the number of repetitions shown according to the number of page variations.."


              This sounds more like a conditional value list, which you can use to display your possible selections using radio buttons.  Something like:


















              If Magazines can only have 4-page and option of only 24 or 32 pages, your selection of Magazine would filter your Cover radio buttons to only display 4-page and your content to display only 24 or 32 for selection.  Are we getting closer?


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                Dear LaRetta,


                I am aware of the things you mention with conditional valuelist - but thats not what I am searching for... I have tried to illustrate here..




                username: fmdevelopment

                pw: fmdev



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                  So you want to enter a number in Page Variations and only have that number of repetitions?  You can't control the number of reps for a field but you can control what highlights, indicating the field should have data entered. 


                  Color you field same as your background then conditional format the rep field with:


                  Let ( i = Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) ; i  ≤ reps::Pages variations )


                  And color the fill white in conditional format. 


                  I don't know enough about your structure to recommend whether you should use a portal but you say, "Sometimes a customer ask for different versions in relation to number of pages in content."


                  It would seem that, if getting a quote, you'd want a quote on each different iteration.  Where would you store that value if you have the various iteration requests within one record?  Into another rep field?  But then maybe others see things that I don't so don't give up on working through it.  A sample file would help a lot ...:smileyhappy:

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                    Dear LaRetta,


                    That was also the only solution I could find - but thank you.. I can send you the file if you like - however I am an amateur, so I am sure you will have a big laugh of my skills... :-)


                    Where can I send it?


                    /Morten :-)



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                      Hi Morten,


                      I would never laugh at someone's work although I've been known to cringe a bit and I do not believe others would laugh either.  You should have seen my first designs!


                      Please remove your email ... you are opening yourself up to unwanted emails (not from me, ha haha, but there are people (not necessarily from here) who will add you to unwanted lists for junk emails.


                      It is better to keep the questions, files and answers here on the forum so others can benefit from how things are worked through and also so that others can offer ideas and suggestions.  It will increase the likelihood of getting the best feedback. If you wish to send someone your email, private message them.


                      File > Save a copy as empty clone then add a few dummy  records of your file and post that to a location (this forum doesn't accept attachments).  If you are still uncomfortable doing that, create a small sample file which only holds the critical pieces of your solution and the important fields and gives us a picture of what you have.  I am still having trouble understanding how one quote should have multiple variations within one record.  I still don't understand how you can keep the dollars quoted of each variation separate and I still think a relationship would solve this for you.


                      If using a relationship for the variations, a portal to the main record would show each variation as a record (turn on Allow Creation) and just type into the row.  But again ... I cannot really *see* your situation.

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                        Dear LaRetta,


                        I have removed my email - thank you for bringing this to my attention.


                        I think you are right. I must look work with a relation instead of a repeating field. I though I could take a shortcut to do the same, but thinking about keeping track of "dollars" (in my case Kroner and Euro) i must do it the right way. 


                        I will continue to work that path and nice that I can turn to this forum if I have to many problems.. Thanx for your help so far!





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                          Sorry to disturb you once more...


                          Portal views can only be presented in portrait mode and not in horisontal, right?



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                            You do not disturb me at all ...


                            portals can be displayed horizontally if you place one row at a time.  :^)


                            Place each one as a 1-row portal and specify in portal setup, start at row 1 and 1 row.  Next would be start at row 2 and 1 row and so on. 


                            It sounds like you are moving on it!!  :smileyvery-happy: