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    Show Table view of database on main form?



      Show Table view of database on main form?


      Can I use a portal or a tab to show a simple tabble view of my database on the main form I am creating? I am trying to emulate the setup I get when using Bento for the ipad. It gives you a list of all the entries with a small thumbnail with wich to navigate the database. I need that same function in filemaker, so when it is viewed in ile mker go it can be easily navigated. doable or no?

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          Portal view is it, repeating fields work but I recommend using portals.

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            I cannot get my database to appear in a portal,,, what gives, or I would have done so already. I just want to see a list of all entry's with pic thumbnails on my database form without switching back and forth,,, how can I get the table view to appear in a portal on my main form?
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              Have you looked up "portal" in FileMaker help? That should be your first step here.

              Every portal requires a relationship between the layout's table occurrence and the portal's table occurrence.

              In Manage | Database | Relationships

              Select the table occurrence box for your table and then click the button with two green plus signs to make a second table occurrence of the same table. You haven't created a new table, just a box on your relationship chart that refers to the same table.

              Now drag from any field in your first table occurrence to any field in the second table occurrence to link them in a relationship. Double click the line this creates and change the operator from = to X. The X operator is a "Match every value" operator that you'll need if you want your portal to list all the records.

              You now should have a relationship that looks like this:

              YourTable::SomeField X YourTable 2::SomeField

              Place a portal to Yourtable 2 on a layout to YourTable and you'll have teh portal that rjlevesque suggested.

              Please note that this portal and relationship is not needed to provide you with your list of all records except for the fact that you want to place this list inside a tab control. If you don't use a tab control, you can set up your layout to be either a table or list view layout that lists all your records in rows and no portal is required.

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                when I use the portal tool, I ge unknown in the selection box,,,, I move to managedatabase and all choices go grey,,,,

                I will go over your suggestion and hopefullt suceed, I am still testing trial filemaker Pro to see if this is going to make for me a very strog and dependable BENTO, as I find Bento irratic, but with clearly remarkabble graphic user interface.. Sync and save in Bento is BENT at very best description.....