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Show UN-related records in a portal?

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Oct 31, 2011
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Show UN-related records in a portal?


Hey all; I am having an issue with trying to get some records to display in a table.  Here's the brief description:

3 tables of interest here:  USERS, SEARCHES, SEARCH_CRITERIA.  Many more exist, but I THINK that these are the only three needed.  :)  ERD included below.  The line disappearing down the left goes to the USERS table; SEARCHES has a FK from the USERS::USERID field.

(Curious...I attached the image before checking if I could just paste it.  Then I couldn't go back and REMOVE the attached image.  Clicking in the field just brings up a File Picker screen, which won't go away unless you pick a valid file.  Ahhh...but then upon Previewing the post, the pasted clip isn't shown, but the attached one is.  Well, not sure which one will actually show up, so I will leave the attached one - even though I see an option to remove it now.  I suppose there is some instructional 'Read this before you post' thread around somewhere.  :) )

SEARCHES:  fields SAVE and SHARE (both boolean flags) are of primary interest here.  SEARCHID and USERID used for relations.

Layout: based on a USERS table

Portal 1:  views SEARCHES, filtered to show current user's SAVED searches.

Portal 2:  views SEARCHES, filtered to show ALL SHARED searches

Portal 3:  views SEARCHES, filtered to show UNSAVED searches.

I have two other portals:  one shows the currently selected search, the other shows CRITERIA line items of the search.


Most things appear to be working correctly.  I was having some problems until I set up a table occurrence of SEARCHES, relating it to itself through the SLCTR_SEARCH field (a global for tracking which row/search is selected from the other portals).  (I.e SLCTR_SEARCH = SEARCHID).


I am, however, having troubles getting the SHARED search portal to display what I like.  It will show searches with the SHARED flag for that current user, but I want it to display ALL shared searches, regardless of who the current user.  Is there a way to unwind or reinclude NON-related records?  It is my understanding that the portal is being filtered by related records of the current USER because the layout is based on that table.


Thanks for any suggestions.

-- J