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Show Unique Records with FileMaker 5.5

Question asked by agreer on Oct 20, 2010
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Show Unique Records with FileMaker 5.5



I've attached a screenshot of the script I'm having trouble with. It's a script to show only unique records in an archive file. The sort sorts them by Unique Part Number and then Date Completed (descending) so that the most recent record is first and the previous iterations follow, and then going on to the next Unique Part Number.

This script works until the last unique item. It "sometimes" omits the last Unique Part Number. The Previous UPN shows the previous Previous UPN rather than the one it should. It is always the last Unique Part Number that it omits - never in the middle.

For example:

PR1114-90 10/9/10
PR1114-90 10/1/08
PR1255-60 12/7/09
PR1255-60 09/9/07

will sometimes only show me one unique record (the top one). If there is only one Unique Part Number, sometimes it omits everything. If there were records in between it will show me all of them correctly, but sometimes not PR1255-60.

Can anyone help shed some light on how to fix it or why it sometimes shows n-1 unique records? Thanks!