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Showing a client's other jobs in a portal.

Question asked by Rayban on Aug 28, 2009
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Showing a client's other jobs in a portal.


The database I'm working on has two tables of relevance to my problem. They are called 'Job's and 'Clients'. All job records have a unique number and so do the client records. The two tables are linked together with a relationship using these unique numbers.


The 'Job' table is the primary layout - showing all the details of that particular job and also the linked client info from the 'Clients' table. So far so good.


What I'm struggling to get working is:


I'd like to put a portal window on the job layout which would automatically show a list of all the other jobs we have in the database for that client. This would allow users to see other work we've done for this client - which would be a big help to keep track of a client's pervious job history without the user having to run specific searches.


At the moment all that shows in the portal field is the same record I'm currently on which is pointless. I know I need to say to the system 'take this client number and find all the jobs we have for them and then display the job number and title fields in the portal window'. Does anyone have any suggestions what calculation instruction I'd need and any other pointers to get this to work?


Thanks for any help you can give