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Showing a new record from multiple databases in one

Question asked by BatuhanGizer on Jul 15, 2013
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Showing a new record from multiple databases in one


     Hello everyone,

     I am trying to create a new system with multiple databases and I will try to explain my problem to the best of my ability.  

     I already have a database called Projects in which all my projects, with a unique project ID, are stored with their information.  

     There will be 4 other databases naming <Accounts> <BankAccount> <Invoices> and <Checks>.

     Each of these will include a ProjectID, AccountID, IncomingAmount and OutgoingAmount fields and <Accounts> database only will show records from other databases and no new record will be added by user(s). What I am trying to do is, by an example;

     Project ID and AccountID will be entered to <BankAccounts> <Invoices> and <Checks> databases when an incoming or outgoing payment is made. If an invoice is received, user will enter ProjectID, AccountID, Date ect. to the <Invoices> datase and enter the inovice amount to IncomingAmount field ONLY.  If the invoice is going to paid by a check, user will enter ProjectID and AccountID, CheckDate, etc. to the <Checks> database and enter the check amount to the OutgoingAmount field. If it the payment is made by a wiretransfer or if an amount is paid to our bank account, user will enter the ProjectID and AccountID for which the payment is received for, again will enter the amount to IncomingAmount or OutgoingAmount.  

     The thing I am trying to figure out (or learn since this is kind of getting complicated for me) is that all of the user entered values from <BankAccount> , <Invoices> and <Checks> according to their ProjectID and AccountID will be seen under <Accounts> database and will be sorted by ProjectID first then by AccountID.  

     For example, a payment to an AccountID can be made for several ProjectID's.


     <Accounts> database should (basically) look like this after user enters the following information to <Invoices> database.

     Project ID      AccountID    IncomingPayment      OutgoingPayment

     101                    NEL                1000

     Then, if this invoice is going to be paid by the bank account, user will enter the ProjectID, AccountID and outgoing payment to <BankAccount> database and <Accounts> database will look like;


     Project ID      AccountID    IncomingPayment      OutgoingPayment

     101                    NEL                1000

     101                    NEL                                                         1000

     The AccountID can be used with different projects as well. So in order to prevent any mistakes, I will add sub-summary fields when sorted by ProjectID then AccountID. 

     Sorry for the long post and hope that I was clear about the explanation.

     Thanks in advance!