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showing all items compatible to a product with portal tool....

Question asked by MarkusWick on Feb 16, 2013
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showing all items compatible to a product with portal tool....


     Hi there!

     I am stuck with a problem that I seem not to be able to solve alone.... Lets explain with an example:

     I have a database with a table "laptops" and a table "spareparts".

     "laptops" holds 47 different laptops, each is identified by a unique number from 01 to 47

     "spareparts" holds hundreds of spareparts. Each of that has a unique number, too.

     Some spareparts are compatible with only one laptop model. Some are compatible with three, some with 10, some with all.

     I created a field, which holds the modelnumbers with which the sparepart is compatible to. Its called "compatible with model".


     Sparepart "harddrive connector" is compatible with model 08 and 09.

     Sparepart "Mainboard" is compatible with model 08

     Sparpart "dvd drive" is compatible with model 05, 06, 07, 10, 15, 16.

     When I open the layout which shows the models, when I go to model 08 for example, i want to show a list of spareparts compatible with model 08 (harddrive connector and mainboard).

     I tried that with the portal tool but simply cant figure out, which relationship i need to use. It would be easy if one possiblility of relationship would be conmtent of field "modelnumber" of table "laptops" is contained in field "compatible to model" of table "spareparts".

     Any hints how I can solve that?