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Showing Dates not recorded in attendance

Question asked by WeirdMan on Jul 12, 2014
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Showing Dates not recorded in attendance


     Hi, I created a database for attendance with this table:

     Employees --< Attendance Form --< daily attendance

Attendance form is used to create weekly wage calculation and data entering is based on this table.
daily attendance records is created from attendance form portal, and created when an employee is known working normally, or not showing up in his shift. Employee is not required to work everyday, but an employee may take 2 shift in a day, thus creating 2 records in a day. Not showing employee is flagged as absent in this record.


     How can I show if an employee is not showing up on specific days in a week, and show if that day is not his shift.

     here is what I want to be shown in list view:


                    Employee Name1                                                                                                                                   Employee Wage
                    Sunday                     Monday                     Tuesday                     Wednesday                     Thursday                     Friday                     Saturday
                    W                     H                     A                     W                     W                     H                     W



                    Employee Name2                                                                                                                                   Employee Wage
                    Sunday                     Monday                     Tuesday                     Wednesday                     Thursday                     Friday                     Saturday
                    H                     H                     H                     W                     W                     H                     A


     where "H" means not his shift, "W" means he is working (in 1 or many shift he take), "A" means he is not showing up in his shift.

     I am thinking if I need to force to create record in daily attendance table if it is not his shift too, flagging it is his holiday. If this harsh, forceful, and not efficient method is not necessary, can you help me how?