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    Showing different layout depending on user's department?



      Showing different layout depending on user's department?



      Basically I am writing a startup script and have layout redirect depending on the user's department.

      Ex: User has a department record called "Sales" and when he logs in, the startup script automatically finds out which department he or she is and redirects to the correct dashboard layout. 
      I thought of making a if-else statement by finding out the user department by matching the get(accountname) (since the accountname and "user full name" is the same) and the department name.

      I know a bit of mysql and would like to do this:    Select "x" from "table" where id="1"?

      What would be the best way to do this? Or there are other solutions?

      Any help much appreciated..

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          Somehow you'll need to identify the person's department from their log in. Account Name and PrivilegeSet name are two things you can check with a get function and either might work here.

          You can perform a find to get the person's department ( and determine the appropriate layout ) or you can use a relationship.

          Let's say you have Two Tables: Departments and Users.

          Departments would have these fields:

          DepartmentID  (auto-entered serial number)
          Department Name
          Layout Name (or you can use layout number)

          Users would have these fields:

          Define a global text field, gAccountName in a third table, Start (this can actually be any table, even one of the two listed above)

          Define these relationships:
          Start::gAccountName = Users::AccountName

          Users::DepartmentID = Departments::DepartmentID

          Now your start up script:

          Go To layout [Start]
          Set Field [Start::gAccountName ; Get ( AccountName ) ]
          Go To layout [Departments::Layout Name ] // Use Layout Name by Calculation option

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            Hi PhilModJunk,

            Thanks for your help! As Always!

            After posting the forum, I thought about it a while and came up with a solution... (I think).
            It actually is very similar to your solution or actually the same.

            So here is what I did.

            Under Fileoptions, I have it to perform a script called "Startup Script" in which it performs the following.

            1) Set a global field called accountname with get(AccountName)
            2) Go to layout called "layout selector"

            3) In Layout: layout selector (Users Table) , I inserted 3 fields with User's full name (which is the same as the accountName), globalfield "accountname" from step 1, and department name(which user is associated).
            4) I then created a layer script trigger "OnLayoutEnter" to trigger a script:

             a. Find the User's record by the AccountName
             b. Then get the department
             c. Trigger Go To Layout by the department by If else statement.

            So far when I tested it, it is working Smile

            I appreciate for the help and the input!!
            Thank you!