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    Showing Geneolygy?



      Showing Geneolygy?


      I wrote all this out and it didnt post, now i gotta type it all out again :(

      Ok, so i have a table called Reptiles and fields for it:








      i need to setup a family tree, showing 5 generations,the reptilesire and reptiledame fields record the same data that would be inputed into the ReptilCode field, so they show the ReptileCode for sire and dame.

      In the image attached you can see that the subject is the record being browsed, and the (ReptileCode) for the sire and dame is showing, but the other fields which just show the same data from the subject because i dont have fields setup to record that info of the sires and dames of each generation in the Reptiles table,


      i know i can either add alot of extra fields to Reptiles table to record ll the info for each generation, or i can setup a relationship(s), problem is i have no clue how to set up the relationship, im betting its a table occurence of the Reptiles table, but how many? and how i do i setup the relationship meaning = or x or the pound looking symbol. i need to show atleast 4 generations but would love to have 5.

      should i set a relationship to achieve this?


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          I did a quick database for what i want to achieve above, made a table called Reptiles with the above fields, and then duplicated that occurence for the sire and another for the dame, i related the fields like so:


          Reptiles::ReptileSire -- = -- Reptiles Occurence Sire::ReptileTagCode

          Reptiles::ReptileDame -- = -- Reptiles Occurence Dame::ReptileTagCode


          it displayed the sire and dames info properly, and i can just repeat my steps buy creating occurences for for the sires and dames up to 5 generations, but thats gonna be alot of table occurences and im wondering if this is gonna be riddled with errors later on or if it is sloppy coding, maybe there is a better secure way of doing this?

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            Multiple table occurrences seem like the right approach to me.

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              I have to get back into this topic, my genealogy tree works great, and now im looking to show all the sibblings of each reptile in a portal, meaning all reptiles in the database who share the same mother and father.


              my family tree is done just as said above, with multiple table occurences of the Reptiles table. I created another table occurence called "Reptile Sibblings" and added a text field called "ReptileSibbling" and related Reptiles_Sibblings::ReptileSibbling --- = --- Reptiles::Reptile_TagCode


              ReptileTagCode is a a unique identifier that breeders give their reptile, its always unique and a required field in the database.






              I can see my relationship is setup wrong, i also tried relating to the Reptiles::ReptileID, but still no luck. the sad part is years ago i actually had it working in my old database similar to this that i developed and lost in my hard drive crash, but i cant for the life of me figure out how i did somethings before..

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                oh nevermind i figured it out, just related the Parent fields between the two occurences.