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Showing info from one layout to only a specific other.

Question asked by AmberJeffery on May 12, 2014
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Showing info from one layout to only a specific other.



     Please forgive me I am by no means a data base building brain. I stumbled upon filemaker and found it so user friendly. I created a database for my own purposes at work and it has been  so successful that they now want to roll it out for other users. It is a very basic database by most standards.

     I use it for a recording enquiries to a 1800 number. So have created, lets call it layout A. All enquiries get entered here. Then I have created two other layouts for 2 other users, team A and team B.

     What I need to do is create views for them, so if I have entered info in to my main enquiry layout I would like to be able to only show certain enquiries to each other layout or team. So that team A can not see enquiries directed to team B and vice versa.

     I have created a "button" field that I have labelled team A and one for team B and I was hoping that I could make it so if team A was selected in my main layout then only team A would see that enquiry. If it was not selected then they would not be able to see it.

     Is it possible to do this? I have the privilege sets worked out for users to only see their layout but at the moment all enquiries can bee seen by all. I need to stop that.

     That does not sound very clear, I am hoping it makes sense to someone and they can help me.

     Any help is very appreciated.

     Many thanks