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    showing last 15 records visited



      showing last 15 records visited


      Is there a way to show the last 15 records visited?

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          If you do some scripting. Yes.

          Add a TimeStamp field: LastVisited.

          Use the OnRecordLoad trigger to perform this script:

          Set Field [ Yourtable::LastVisited ; Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) ]

          Sort your records in descending order by LastVisited and the top 15 records will be the 15 most recently visited. A 15 row portal sorted in the same manner could also display such a list.

          The above works for a single user database or a Multi-user database where you want to see a list of most recently visited by all users.

          In a multi-user database where you might want to track the 15 most recently visted by the current user, a different approach could be used that stores the primary keys of each record visited in a global variable.