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Showing last record while entering new record

Question asked by LarsChristensen on Sep 18, 2013
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Showing last record while entering new record



     I'm trying to configure my system to be able to show the last record in a table while entering a new record in the same table.

     The record that I want to be shown is the latest one, preferably based on a date field, but this isn't alfa omega, it could alternatively be based on the creation date of the record if this is easier.

     I have a table for each of Clients, Plants and Operations. Each client has several plants, and at each plant several operations are performed.

     When I enter a new operation, I would like specific data fields from the last operation performed at specified Client and Plant to be shown alongside the record currently in creation. 

     I tried creating a new table occurrence of Operations (Operations 2) relating them via Client ID and Plant ID and then adding a portal to the original one in order to show data from the new one, but this isn't possible at all. I can't even create one to show data from the Clients or Plants tables in the Operations table.

     Now I've setup calculation fields for each field I want to be show and set them to calculate for example, Last (Operations::volume), and set to calculate in the context of Operations 2.

     This seems to be working, but I have a feeling that it's is a really bad workaround that might come back and bite me as the database gets more and more complex, and I have a feeling that I'm trying to find the forest through the trees.

     Do you guys have any suggestions for a more simple and clean way of doing this?