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    Showing last updated records/fields



      Showing last updated records/fields


           Is there a way at all to show last updated records and/or fields?

           I'm not sure really of a best way to implement this.  To explain a bit further, we have a personnel database that quite a few people access.  I'd like for there to be a way for administrators who have full access to see what was last updated.  But what I'm thinknig is that if one admin logs in, then the other admins will not see this information...  so, I'm not sure if this is even possible, and it may be quite a project to write the script.

           Any ideas or suggestions?

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               You can add a date or timestamp field to each table where this is a concern and set it to auto-enter either the modification date or the modification timestamp.

               Users can then perform a find for all records with a date or timestamp in this field of a certain value, range or for all values later than a specified date or timestamp. One user performing a find on these records will not keep other users from finding the same records in their search and finding records will not modify the value in this field unless the user modifies a field in the record.