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Showing local images in FM Pro 9 database

Question asked by NickFrese on Jan 13, 2012
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Showing local images in FM Pro 9 database


I am trying to show local images in a calculated container field in my database. The images will all be in the same subdirectly on my hard drive, but which image will appear depends upon a radio button in each record. I have one calculated field called photoPath that determines the local path of the image, thusly:

If ( imageSelection = "Family Image"; "C:\work\website\current\Web Content\products\\" & family & ".jpg" ; "C:\work\website\current\Web Content\products\\" & prod & ".jpg" )

Fields noted in bold are all text fields, with imageSelection being the radio button.

Then I have a calculated field resulting in a container, thusly:

"imagewin:/" &  photoPath

It looks like everything is working, but I am getting a message in the container field that the file cannot be found, and I'm not sure why, as it definitely exists in the location listed, as follows:

The file cannot be found:
C:\work\website\current\Web Content\products\4141.jpg

Any idea what could be wrong here?? Any help would be appreciated.