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Showing more than one record from one table on a layout

Question asked by Peter_2 on Apr 25, 2012
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Showing more than one record from one table on a layout


I have a table which records a driver's movements during a day (tblMovements), I also have a table which lists the locations he could visist (tblLocations). The particular fields I am having issues with are as follows:

tblLocation has fields LocationID and LocationAddress.

tblMovements has the following fields - LocnID1 (a unique location ID number), LocnAddress1, LocnID2, LocnAddress2 & so on up to Location number 10.

LocnID1 has a drop down list & gets values from tblLocation::LocationID

I need LocnAdd1 to then display the associated tblLocation::LocationAddress, then to repeat for locations 2 to 10.

My problem is that I can get the LocnID fields to populate OK but don't seem to be able to populate the address fields with the relevant addresses. I guess it's a relationship issue but I have tried various permutations with various results - none successful.


I know I'm doing something stupid but could someone help me out?


Many thanks in advance.