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Showing multiple grandchildren in a portal row

Question asked by deathrobot on Jun 27, 2013
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Showing multiple grandchildren in a portal row


     On my relationship graph I have 3 tables:

     Grandparent -> Parent -> Child

     Each record in the Grandparent table has from 1 to 10 children (from the Parent table). Each record in the Parent table has from 1 to 3 children (from the Child table). On a layout in the Grandparent table, I have a portal showing the related records from the Parent table. As one of the portal fields, I would also like to see all related grandchildren in the form "grandchild01, grandchild02, etc.")

     What's the best way to accomplish this? I'm assuming it makes most sense to have this field reside in the Parent table and that I could use a script to add info to it whenever I made a new record. Or would a calculation make sense (not sure what it would be, though)? Or is there some other, more direct way?