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showing multiple selection from a pop up menu in a second field

Question asked by nard1 on Dec 11, 2009
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showing multiple selection from a pop up menu in a second field


I have this appearantly simple question that I could not figure out. I hope one of you guys could help me out with this one.


I am running FMP 10 on the PC with windows XP pro.


In a database for an architecture project I am storing all the design demands for each room of a building (e.g.: floor finish, , wall finish, ceiling finish etc.)

All these demands are listed in seperate tables that are related to the 'room' table.

To select for the type of finish for the room I have created a foreign key field, with a pop up menu (value list that uses the values from the primary key field of the 'wall finish' table and displays values (the name of the finish) from a second field).


so far so good.

Since a room can have more than one type of wall finish (partly wood, partly wallpaper) I would like to be able to select more than one value from the pop up menu. I managed this by shift selecting, and that is fine with me. This problem with this is that once the  pop up menu closes again after selection, only one value is shown. What I would like to have now is next to it a merge field that shows the selected values of the pop up menu (sometimes one, sometimes more). For layout purposes I would prefer not to do this with a checkbox set.


I hope my question is a bit clear, and feel free to ask for any more information if not.