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    Showing only females in the database



      Showing only females in the database


      Im wondering if there is a function to get the first letter of the input text from one table field to automatically place it into another field in the same table upon creation?


      I have two fields in my table:


      "Animal Sex"

      "Animal Sex Short"


      When creating a record for Male, i would like the "animal sex short" field to automatically enter "M" for data.


      My reason for wanting this is because when viewing a report that i made using " new report/layout", with my report i would like to have 2 buttons , one that shows only males in the database and the other shows only females in the database. I tried doing this using the perform find script to search but for some reason its not really only showing the specific gender for that button, hard to say.


      I fugured if i only had a single character to search for in the "animal sex short" field then the database cant confuse the search because of the text "male" is also in the word female.




      I just woke up so i hope this makes sence lol.