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showing parent data on child layout

Question asked by tomswell on Nov 27, 2014
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showing parent data on child layout


I have a basic JOB layout  with  related Line Items  [id,quantity,unit price,c_extended price]

         each line item “product” has a category

        each invoice line has line item::c_extended price = [ quantity*unit price ]


  field  > line items :: s_services   =  Summary of line item::extended price   


to extract the services costs from other costs I created a filtered single line Job portal containing  > line item::s_services 

  >  filter by     line item to product :: category = “service”


service category values tally and display correctly when filtered within portal 

I also created field  >  Job::service total [ number ]

              = GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "service total" ; "content")

            the object labeled  “service total”  being  line item::s_services within filtered portal

 this too displays  s_services value as number correctly when on Job layout    [ do not store recall when needed ]


On invoice print form based on Line Item TO      (found set of line items::fk_job id ) 

  Job::service total   doesn’t show its value .


I tried creating a lookup field in line items table to reflect  Job::service total … no workie.

In fact I thought all was working and then days later not  ?