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Showing Records from 2nd Table

Question asked by jaeheme on May 1, 2010
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Showing Records from 2nd Table



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Using FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced on Mac OS X 10.6.2


It's a simple database to track information about Bicycle Training rides and contains 3 tables - Ride_Data, Routes and Weather.


Ride_Data Table contains fields for:  Ride_ID, time, distance, date, time of day, Max Speed, Average Speed, etc...

Routes Table contains fields for:  Route_ID, StartPoint, Midpoint, EndPoint, Distance.

Weather Table contains fields for: Icon_ID, IconName, and Icon (container field for holding .gif image)


Created a new layout based on Ride_Data Table.


Want user to select a weather type from a drop down based on the IconName field in the Weather Table, and have the corresponding Icon appear next to the Name.


For example, a ride on May 1, 2010, 25 miles, in the morning.  Weather was "sunny". 


"Sunny" is the data in Table-Weather, record 00002, field IconName.  The .gif held in the field "Icon" from the same record should appear next to the the Weather (iconname).


Icons are being stored in the Weather table, which I might have already mentioned.


Help?  I can't get the icon to appear.  It should also switch accordingly if the user selects a different choice from the Weather Type drop down (Field IconName)


I've been using FM for a few years, but not very well.  Only scratching the surface, so relationships and so forth tend to confuse me.


I want to be able to create an app from this that can be distrubuted to some friends I ride with as a windows executable.