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Showing related records in a portal

Question asked by DougieReid on Jun 24, 2012
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Showing related records in a portal


Hi, I am new to FMPro but not to database design and development. I have a simple database with 3 tables, Holiday, Client, Booking.

The Booking table is a junction table representing a many-to-many relationship with attributes between the Client table and Holiday table.

On the Holiday layout I wish to show booking information, which requires data from both the Client table and Booking table, to provide a full picture of Client:name, Client:email, Booking:invoicePaid etc.

It seems simple to define that a portal show related records from Booking for example, but less clear how to show joined data from both Client and Booking that relates to the Holiday in the portal.

I am sure this is possible but would like some direction on the FMPro method for achieving this. Many Thanks,