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Showing specific records in a portal?

Question asked by lenek on May 27, 2009
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Showing specific records in a portal?




I'm new to this and utterly confused and really grateful for any help.  Really sorry if this is a long post, I'm not sure how much to include to make sense!


My husband is a Dr and as he works out of many locations, thought it would be useful to keep his records in a database so he has them to hand.


It started off ok.  Basically to summarise


I have a table - patient record, that stores the main data such as name, number address and all that stuff


Then I have a table - patient visit - that each time he has a new visit with a patient it stores the patient number, date of visit and gives each visit a unique id


Linking to that I have tables that hold the data for investigation results, proceedures done, diagnoses made.


He can view the historical data for each patient via a portal when he sees them so is happy


So far so good.  Until I get to the patient medication, and I've been playing with this for 2 weeks now getting nowhere! And have just about had enough.


What he needs to do is be able to see the medication for that patient only, for the last visit that they had only.  No further back historical data - literally what they were taking the last time he saw them


and then be able to say 'keep that one', 'alter that one' and have those changes shown in a new record which relates to the patient visit number for the patient.


As each patient can be on many drugs - I'm presuming that the patient visit id number is key to this as that's the only unique thing that says at that visit, these were the drugs.  However I just can not work out how to show this on the screen in front of him, when he would be effectively in a new patient visit for the same patient entering data.


Does that make any sense?  If not I'll happily try and clarify or confuse you further!  And can anyone help?