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Showing the first duplicate record only

Question asked by dcbriscoe on Jul 26, 2011
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Showing the first duplicate record only


Please can someone help? I'm sure there is a very easy solution to this problem, but I just can't find it. I'm running FilemakerPro 10.0v3 on a Mac (10.6.8).

What I need to do is to extract the first record from a specific site from a report that includes duplicates from the same site, so that I can produce GIS data.

I can get the items table to extract all the relevant occurences into a report, together with the easting & northing data for the relevant site from a separate table, but what I can't then get the report to do, is to show ONLY the first time that the site occurs.

There are loads of scripts out there to delete duplicate records, but I don't want to do that. I just want to hide the other 2-25 records from the same site. I have tried adapting the delete scripts, but they are not giving me the answer I need.

Up to now, I have been exporting the whole report into Excel and filtering it there, but I am unable to check whether Excel has done it correctly (I have found flaws from time to time) and would prefer to do it in FMP. Also it's getting quite big to handle in Excel.

All suggestions most gratefully received!

Yours ever