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    Showing totals for found set



      Showing totals for found set


      I have a table with different types of donations, and different people donating on a different date.  I only want to see the total for all one found set, like Janes total of donations for each different date.  I have the total fields in the same table.  Should I have done this?  How do I get to see the running total for one individual, when I have one record showing with one of the dates.  I am not using container fields.  so if there's a blank record i want totals to be 0, untill data is entered.

      I am using ver 10 advanced.


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          If by "total" fields you mean you've defined summary fields, then those fields compute totals only for the current found set of records. If you have just one record in your found set then summary fields will only use the data in that one record to compute a total.

          Use a find to find all relevant records for the current donor so that only those records are in the found set and your summary fields should then display the correct totals.

          "so if there's a blank record i want totals to be 0, untill data is entered."
          Add a "new donation" button that runs a script like this:
          Show All Records
          Show Omitted Only
          New Record/Request

          The first two lines should give you an empty found set unless you are sharing the database over the network and might have a second user creating new records at the same time you are. That way, the new Record/Request step creates a new record that is in a found set of only that record.