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Shrink a portal to remove blank rows

Question asked by Stu412 on Jun 3, 2015
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Shrink a portal to remove blank rows


I have a need to use a portal to display rows and columns of data on a print layout.

The portal is set to 15 rows high which is large enough to accommodate all needs.  Beneath the portal I have some totals for the column data which is displayed within the portal.

If a customer has only 15 rows of data, the grand totals appear good.  If the customer has only 5 rows, obviously the totals are far removed from the data their summing up.

I've looked at trying to make this work in a list report, but because of the nature of the raw data (which cannot be changed) I do not think this will be suitable.  On a list, you break by A group, but I need to break by MANY groups (group1+group2+group3 etc).

The portals also offer some good filtering which is needed as well.

So, can we shrink portals so that they use only the rows they need?

If so, can I make other objects on the layout move with them?