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    shutting down file system



      shutting down file system


      I am soon to be a new user of FileMaker Pro. I am looking for a way to shut down FileMaker Pro so that I can backup an entire Windows XP system using a backup software that I have used to back up Oracle Databases, SQL databases as well as IBM's Universe databases. How can I shut down FileMaker Pro so that I can take a bare metal image of my Host Computer ?  Is there a Windows Service to shut down? Is there a script available? Are there command-line options with FileMaker Pro?


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          Is filemaker pro hosting the files for other users?


          You can write a one line script in filemaker: Exit Application that will shut down the filemaker application (not filemaker server), but it will throw up a dialog to ask users to quit if they are logged on at that time.


          You can set a robot file to run the above script at a scheduled time via windows task scheduler. You set the robot file to run the script when the file is opened in file | file options.

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            Steve Wright

            FileMaker Pro does not run as a service, it acts in the same way as most other programs, i.e word / excel.

            FileMaker Server on the other hand is different, it does run as a service...


            If its pro, simply close the program.

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              Yes, filemaker pro will be hosting other users. How would I schedule this "Exit Application" to be run from Windows Task Scheduler? Or, would I merely need to exit the application to backup the system? If I set it up with Windows Task Scheduler and a dialog is launched asking the users to quit, will the files be released regardless of what the users respond to the dialog - or is the dialog merely a message to the users that they must quit (because they have lost access to their files)?


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                i am planning to use filemaker pro for now.  If I upgrade the system to filemaker server, how would i shut down the needed services? which services need to be shut down and is there a command-line method to do this?


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                  You can set scheduler to "run" a file like it was an application and windows will open the file with the associated application. In this case, you run the closer file and it quits filemaker when it opens.


                  I don't know what will happen if there are users on the system at that point and you get that dialog. I haven't tried that test, but wouldn't be suprised if it stalls until each user quits. If they've gone home for the night with filemaker open, you've got a problem. With server, you can set a disconnect on idle setting to drop such users automatically after a set idle time has occurred.


                  Filemaker Server has a half way decent back up system you can schedule to run without closing down the database. Since server is a good thing to run on a dedicated box, you may be able to schedule server to make local back up copies and just set your back up software to back up the local backup copies.