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Side by Side elements from different layout parts in a report?

Question asked by JasonRossitto on Aug 4, 2011
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Side by Side elements from different layout parts in a report?


I apologize for the giant image but the best way I can get this across is with an illustration.

In the image below, the top section is a report I created in Excel showing building names and the area in each building that falls into each of five use types. The pie chart visualizes the breakdown for comparison between buildings.

The second part is a filemaker report of the same data in as close to the same layout as I could get, with the layout view below for reference.

My question is: can Filemaker achieve the same layout as the Excel version? The pie chart should appear to the right of the list of use types, but it needs to be in the first sub-summary to display the data correctly. The only way I can see to put it to the right of the list is to move it to the second Sub-summary, but then the second Sub-summary needs to be extended to fit it so the list items are very far apart, and a chart displays for each use type. This is not the desired effect, and the charts go haywire because they aren't in the right layout part.

I tried to overlap them so the chart would still be in the first Sub-summary but the layout still needs to be extended to fit the chart, and the part the hangs into the second Sub-summary just gets cut off.

I am also unable to turn off the labels or control the colors of the chart. In charts with small wedges (see Gryzmish) there are label conflicts.

Is there another approach to setting this up?